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I have had a lot of tutors over the past few years and none of them are a good as Ms. Torres. She shows me and explains math to me so I get it! I GET IT! I'm working hard now and I'm bringing up my grade in algebra and I have Ms. Torres to thank. Thank you! ? Sean D.; Riverside, CA; 5/22/07

My son is getting help with algebra from Ms. Torres. She has helped him bring his grade up substantially in the few short weeks since he started. The tutoring that he is receiving is PRICELESS and he is definitely more confident with his math skills now. ? Mrs. T. Finnel, Parent; Riverside, CA; 5/22/07

Ms. Torres was a great teacher and I passed her class with flying colors. She always made sure I understood everything, and managed to integrate fun activities into her lessons. I really benefited from her teaching. ?Max K.; Riverside, CA; 5/7/07

Mrs. Torres was of such great help to me during one of my summers before school. I had to retake my math class the following school year and thanks to her, I passed with a B! Mrs. Torres is a great teacher but also a wonderful person. ?Ricky H.; Riverside, CA; 5/4/07

Math was a subject that I was struggling with and Mrs.Torres helped me with that. She gave me ways to solve the equations like using patterns and shapes. That helped me a lot because I didn't have to memorize that many equations. Mrs. Torres made math easier for me. She taught me ways to understand the problems and easier ways to solve them. In all, she was very nice and caring. She is a very helpful person and a great tutor. ?Viliami V.; Riverside, CA; 4/29/07

Ms. Torres is my friend and colleague. She is an inspiration to teachers, students and parents. She challenges her students and allows them to get "hands on" with math. When students see these seemingly difficult math problems broken down into smaller pieces using manipulatives and other strategies, they begin to master the skills and feel successful. I am happy you are making yourself accessible to so many more students. They are so lucky to have this website! ?/b> Mrs. Erickson, Educator; Riverside, CA; 4/16/07

Ms. Torres really helped me and many of my teammates out a lot. Math was complicated and boring but Mrs. T made our experience more fun. We learned a lot more about math from her than we did in the classroom. With her great help we kept up our math grades. She was there for every math need! Any troubles we encountered, she was there to help us find the method of solving the problems.  It was extremely great having Ms. Torres there to help. She has been, by far, the best teacher and the only one who has gotten the concept of math across to me and my other teammates in the study group. Thank you so very much Ms. Torres!!!! ?Ricky R.; Riverside, CA; 3/25/07

I had Mrs. Torres as my algebra one teacher in the eighth grade. She used many creative ways to help students learn things such as graphing and solving equations. She gave me a solid foundation in my math career! ?Jackie F.; Riverside, CA; 3/17/07

Ms. Torres is a great teacher and will always be, in my opinion. She taught me numerous amounts of math. Because of her I am now in AP statistics. I believe Ms. Torres is one of the best algebra or math teachers. ?Irving S.; Riverside, CA; 3/16/07

Ms. Torres was a great teacher. I had her for math in seventh grade when took algebra. I liked her because she got involved with us and she made things easy to understand. ?Jessica P.; Riverside, CA; 3/14/07

Mrs. Torres was my 8th grade algebra teacher. I understood her methods very well and still use them in my high school classes. She took time away from her day to help me or other students. She explains step-by-step what each problem and answer means. Unlike other math instruction, her way makes the math just stick in your mind. ?/i> Thomas B.; Riverside, CA; 3/11/07

What a wonderful experience! Every session was fun and informative. I struggled through algebra and other efforts to improve just didn't cut it. I was looking for something that was more than just extra time working problems. I found exactly what I needed, I got great explanations and learned the tools I needed to do great on my tests and impress my teacher and parents! Thank you for all your wonderful help! ? Johnny S.; Riverside, CA; 3/7/07

She was the best math teacher I have ever had and she completely saved me. She had such amazing teaching methods and I would have been lost with out her. ?Caitlyn W.; Riverside, CA; 3/5/07

Ms. Torres was the best math teacher I have ever had. I am really bad at math but I understood her class. To this day, I still write my math notes in color like she suggested. ? Alex T.; Riverside, CA; 3/5/07 

When I was moved in to Ms. Torres's class, I was at least two years behind in math. She was able to catch me up and advance me past where I was supposed to be. ? Kelly N.; Riverside, CA; 3/4/07 

I had Ms. Torres for the third trimester of my seventh grade year after having two trimesters of bad instruction. Once in her class, I was taught and easily learned about everything I had missed and I learned much more efficiently. Her teaching style was easy to understand and it was actually fun. ? Daniel A.; Riverside, CA; 3/4/07

I was a student of Ms. Torres my eighth grade year. She was a very stern and complete teacher. She taught me the basic algebra skills that, to this day, I still use in multi variable calculus. With out her dedication and strong sense of math, I honestly believe that I would not be able to perform in my math courses as I do today. Presently, I am a first year college freshman and I cannot fathom how much harder my math courses would be with out the fundamentals that Ms. Torres taught me. ?Joseph O.; Irvine, CA; 2/15/07

She was a great teacher who explained the material very well. She also took time to go over anything that someone did not understand which helped a lot. ?Justin H.; Riverside, CA; 2/15/07

Ms. Torres is a great teacher. She is very understanding and patient with students. She is very intelligent and is willing to take time out of her day to help out students. ?Joe W.; Riverside, CA; 2/15/07

I had Ms. Torres my seventh grade year for algebra and I loved the class. This class was when I first realized how much I like math and I think that was partly due to the teacher. At first I was worried that the class was going to be too hard especially since I did not remember much from previous years but that did not end up being true. She went at the pace the students needed and did not hesitate to review. I think that Ms. Torres did a great job teaching the class and provided and sturdy mathematical basis to add to.
 ?Meaghan R.; Riverside, CA; 2/15/07

I had your algebra one class my seventh grade year. I felt like you were an amazing teacher. I learned so much in your class and I was able to remember it too. Just recently, I took the high school exit exam and I flew right through it. I remembered all of the algebra I learned from you. In your class it was so easy to pay attention and be involved. I felt like I was actually learning something. I liked how you made the class interesting and fun, instead of boring. We did lots of projects and group discussions that I felt helped me so much!! I wish you all of luck with your online tutoring. I think it is a great idea! ?Kellie R.; Riverside, CA; 2/8/07 

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